Happy Whole Way is an organization guiding women back home to themselves, teaching them how to become their own healer.

HWW is comprised of two friends: Rachael and Cara. They met in their mid-20s in grad school back in 2004. They were studying a combination of psychology, philosophy and theology in a program called Spiritual Formation (with an emphasis in Soul Care). That program was the beginning of a decade long unraveling for them both, as they rebuilt their spiritual foundation. It was no wonder that they both were immediately drawn to each other as they were dissecting the lives they once knew. Together they have been on a 15+ year journey to awaken their hearts, evolving and exploring separately, but somehow always on a parallel plane. They are so happy to watch their partnership form as they create the path for you as you find your very own HAPPY WHOLE WAY.

Rachael Lund has been working in the field of coaching for 20+ years.  She has her MA in Soul Care and is a Certified Spiritual Director & Mediator.  She specializes in Inner Child Work, Kids + Family, Love + Relationships, Deconstructing from a Belief System, and Spirituality.  She is passionate about holding space for women, as they are learning to hold that space for themselves.


Olive & Olde's is based in Denver, CO and run by a husband and wife duo. Built out of the valley of their own depression, they exist to combat loneliness, build up their community and provide a soft place for everyone to land. The cushions they make today used to only exist in their dreams, proving that beautiful things can be as sustainable as they are beautiful. They are filled with US grown buckwheat hulls, millet and sage. Olive & Olde's plants a tree in Colorado every time they produce a floor cushion. 

"Enjoy your virtual experience while seated on our cushions. Built to rise up and support you, wherever you may be." -Megan + Dylan, Owners of Olive + Olde's