Georgia Grey is a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Georgia started her holistic nutrition practice, WBH Nutrition Co., in 2017 after healing her own autoimmune conditions through food and self-care. 

As someone who has battled autoimmunity, Georgia can empathize with the adversity many are facing. She enjoys teaching those with auto-immune diseases how to find balance in life while living with a chronic, invisible illness. She provides validation, encouragement, guidance back to your healthy and balanced self. Can you imagine how great you can feel?

While Georgia's personal journey is what sparked her passion for food and restoration—supporting others' journeys is what continues to stoke the fire. Whether you have an auto-immune disease, are still learning about your body, or are simply seeking improved nutrition, Georgia coaches you to slow down, follow your gut, and tune into the foods and practices that nourish your body.