Woodhull wellness is a corporate wellness company founded by Molly Woodhull. Woodhull Wellness offers tangible mindfulness tools to elevate individuals, organizations, and their employees. They empower people to utilize data-driven mindfulness and meditation techniques to become more productive.

As a yoga teacher, meditation guide, and wilderness immersion expert, Molly boasts a dynamic understanding of wellness. Since the beginning of her wellness practice, Molly has received a bachelor's of science from the University of Denver, teacher certification from Duke University The Center from Koru Mindfulness, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training, Compassion and Cultivation training from Stanford University, and a YNG + iLAB: Innovation and Disruption from Harvard University. 

Known for her unmatched and soothing voice, Molly combines her passion for wellness with her desire for life long learning to bring a unique and wholesome experience.


Olive & Olde's is based in Denver, CO and run by a husband and wife duo. Built out of the valley of their own depression, they exist to combat loneliness, build up their community and provide a soft place for everyone to land. The cushions they make today used to only exist in their dreams, proving that beautiful things can be as sustainable as they are beautiful. They are filled with US grown buckwheat hulls, millet and sage. Olive & Olde's plants a tree in Colorado every time they produce a floor cushion. 

"Enjoy your virtual experience while seated on our cushions. Built to rise up and support you, wherever you may be." -Megan + Dylan, Owners of Olive + Olde's