Join Molly Woodhull for two months of intensive meditation and mindfulness coaching. Work together to identify and manage your everyday stressors, developing a personalized toolbox of meditation and mindfulness techniques. This individualized 1-on-1 program gently guides you to define and experience meditation and mindfulness in a way that is original to you.

Meet with Molly once a week for two months. During each one hour session, you will learn and discuss different meditations to support you.

Molly will cultivate meditations based on your intake form and conversations throughout coaching. She will cover both formal and informal meditation practices. You will walk away from each weekly session with a guided meditation to support you until your next meeting.

Leave this two-month course feeling confident in your meditation skills and with a stronger grasp of realistic mindfulness and meditation practices—and what those look like for you. Clients will gain proficiency in their practice and finish with a handful of personally curated and intentional guided meditations.

Location: Virtual