Join Molly Woodhull for two months of intensive meditation and mindfulness coaching with your partner. For couples looking to invoke a harmonious and nurturing lifestyle, it is essential to know how you and your partner each process stress. This individualized 1-on-1 program will help the two of you find what mindfulness and meditation look like, both individually and together.

Molly will guide you through managing everyday stressors and finding meaningful ways to care for yourselves. Create a common language between you and your partner encompassing mindfulness, meditation and self care.  Learn to become a better communicator, decision maker, and boundary setter. Discover proficiency in mindfulness and mediation, developing your own toolbox of techniques to foster health and happiness.

Couples meet with Molly once a week for two months. During each one hour session, you will learn and discuss different meditations to support you. Both partners also receive one individual session with Molly each month. As a bonus, couples will also be granted six-months of access to Molly's self-guided online course, Realistic Self Care.

Molly will cultivate meditations based on your intake form and conversations throughout coaching. She will cover both formal and informal meditation practices. You will walk away from each weekly session with a guided meditation to support you until your next meeting.

Leave this two-month course feeling confident in your meditation skills and with a stronger understanding of realistic mindfulness and meditation practices—and what those looks like for you. Clients will finish with a handful of personally curated and intentional guided meditations.

Location: Virtual