A grounding Energy Clearing session curated to bridge back your mind, heart and soul. You will work with Cara, who is very talented at picking up messages in your energy field. She will balance + adjust where she is led during a remote session together. Afterwards, you will have a 45 minute Zoom call with Cara, where she will relay the messages received, while teaching you tools + rituals to gently lead you back to yourself.

Cara desires to invite women to see themselves in a kinder, less aggressive way.  People are drawn to her incredible intuition to correctly tune into someone’s energy instantly. She has a daily spiritual practice of balancing and adjusting her own energy so that she can bring the best work into any session she does.

Bring your chakras in alignment as you get your energy balanced. You will learn where in your body you are storing your emotions and the rituals on how to release them.

Location: Virtual


Olive & Olde's zafu cushions (also known as floor cushions or meditation cushions) are made with premium 100% Baltic linen on the bottom/side band and luxurious waffle weave linen/cotton blend on top. Olive & Olde's logo is engraved into a cork tag that is top stitched on the top third of a reinforced carrying handle. The cover is removable for washing and access, if the need arises, to add or remove filling. Olive & Olde’s cushions are cut, sewn and filled in Denver, CO.

Each zafu is approximately six inches high and fourteen inches in diameter. They are filled with US grown and sourced buckwheat hulls, millet, and dried sage. Buckwheat hulls and millet support your spine and hip alignment during use. Millet adds cushioning while buckwheat hulls allow for airflow. Weight is approximately nine pounds.

Location: Shipped to a physical address anywhere in the United States