Step outside, take a deep breath of fresh Colorado air, and set out to learn fly casting!

Before taking on the sport of fly fishing, it is wildly helpful to learn the basic motions of the fly cast. In comparison to conventional rod and reel fishing, fly fishing utilizes a specialized type of coated fishing line that propels the cast with its momentum and mass.

In this 2 hours class you will learn how to make a fly cast with your dominant hand. After the class you will be able to replicate the learned skill on your own in a fishing environment. Participants will leave the class with a continual education packet that will assist in becoming more proficient at casting and catching fish!

  • Participants can enroll individually or as a group. Up to 4 people can participate at one time.
  • All fly fishing equipment will be provided.
  • No hooks will be used during the instruction to ensure a safe experience.
  • There will be an option to enroll in a Fly Fishing 101 class as a follow up. It is recommended that new fly fishers enroll in > 1 two hour session for increased skill progression. The follow up class will spend more time on knots, fly selection and where to fish in Colorado.

Location: 2900 S Estes St. Lakewood, CO 80227