You and I have the choice and personal power to design a vision and write goals in a way that best supports our lifestyle, our own unique timeline and our humanness so that we can create the life we want to be living day to day. And with that choice, I find tools and language are necessary to build a structure that supports us - this course is that structure and that choice.

I have said this many times and will say it many times again like a broken record as the repeat is necessary: I believe we all have unique gifts to share with the World. Our gifts show up in our vision(s) for the future and our actions in our goals to get there.

This course is for you and your goals ready to be lived, your vision(s) ready to be designed, this course is for you now and for OUR tomorrows. The goalSTARTER program offers you clear and direct tools to see, feel and write a vision in the future that invites possibility and removes the constraints of the now with a clear guide to goal setting your way.

Common questions around how to write a vision and set goals:

What if my vision is not perfect?
How do I set goals with so much uncertainty?
What if I fail?
How do you really know the right date?
Goals feel constraining to me, why?
Goal setting is for type A people not me, right?
How do I know if these are even MY goals?

Get down to the basics in this super clean and clear course on Vision Writing and Goal Setting. 2 videos, follow along worksheets and a resource library created for the person like me who will not press play on a video longer than 8minutes.

Let's goal.