I’m talking about like when you’re old and grey...or when you go on vacation with the love of your life, you feel totally fucking great about eating a croissant smeared in butter ;)

Guess what lovely?! Soshy created this program: Just. For. YOU!

Make Peace with Food Forever is a revolutionary six-week course designed to help you to make peace with food for the rest of your life.

This course gives you step-by-step practical tools to help you change your unwanted habits with food. Turn around your relationship with food from struggle, confusion, and pain into ease, clarity, pleasure, and power.

Oh YES, I believe you OVERCOMING your struggles with food is your superpower, babe.

Oh YES, I believe food and TRUSTING YOUR BODY will change how you experience all aspects of your life.

Let’s give your relationship with food a full 360 makeover!

Week 1: Permission to eat all foods

Week 2: Guilt, shame, and self-deprecation with food

Week 3: Limiting beliefs around food

Week 4: Make peace with your body

Week 5: Become your own food & body image private investigator

Week 6: Tie it together and next steps

+Bonus Audio

Location: Virtual