Pique your curiosity in holistic nutrition through the lens of your Enneagram type!

Enneagram tests unlock your dominant personality type, revealing motivations behind why individuals tend towards certain behaviors and attitudes. First, you'll take a test to learn your WEPSS Enneagram Type. Then, discover what foods and practices work best for your type through video teachings, meditations, and downloads intended specifically for your psyche.

Working with the Enneagram can greatly increase self-awareness, understanding and empathy towards others, as well as provide a path to growth for individuals and teams. 

As the Enneagram is considered the most ancient typing tool, there are many different teachings, and some differences in theories and even varying names for each number. The more we learn and walk with this tool the more we can learn to remove the blockages and barriers we experience within ourselves and with one another. 

This is a 4-part, go-at-your-own pace journey of sacred care and deepening awareness. Within it you'll receive:

  • WEPSS Enneagram Test

  • Intro to Clean Eating/Holistic Nutrition as it relates to Enneagram types

  • Discussion and tools surrounding your Type

  • Video and audio teachings and meditations.

  • Downloadable journal prompts, recipes, resources

  • Self-Care Practices

  • Access to private online community 

Location: Virtual