Stargazing for two in the Rocky Mountains whilst a professional photographer captures your presence beneath the cosmos. Immerse yourselves in wonder as you are guided through three intimate stops. Kick off with a toast of champagne or beer from Factotum Brewery, pause in nature to indulge in a favorite dessert, and finish with a tour of the constellations. Telescopes and binoculars are provided along the way so you can explore the universe with your special someone.

Date nights typically last 2-3 hours. The evening begins at Factotum Brewery to discuss specific locations depending on what works best with the weather and which elements you want in your star photos—lakes, trees, mountains, rocks, city scapes, trails, etc. Participants receive at least five professionally processed photos from the experience.

Maggie, your photographer and guide, is happy to customize the experience. If there is a particular mountain or trailhead you would like to visit, feel free to let her know!

Hand warmers and electric blankets are made available if cold weather is accompanying you on your adventure.

Most shoots begin about an hour after sunset. Star photos are possible in all phases of the moon, but the brighter the moon is, the more diluted the stars and milky way will be.  Examples of the moon's look for the dates you are seeking can be provided. Rescheduling is available when it is cloudy or stars are not visible.

Location: Denver, CO and beyond! — The night begins at Factotum Brewery (3845 Lipan St, Denver, CO 80211) and continues on to shoot locations discussed and confirmed with your photographer/guide.