This 50 minute reading will provide you with a basic understanding of your human design. Human Design is a modality that uses your birth time and place of birth to produce a chart that provides in-depth information about who you are and who you came here to be. It is a powerful tool to connect with your intuition, trust yourself more deeply, expand your self-awareness, recognize your gifts, re-frame aspects of yourself you see as flaws, develop greater self-acceptance, and deepen your compassion and understanding of others.

In this basic reading, you and Sam will discuss your primary role in this lifetime and how you can best find flow (called your "energy type" in Human Design), the way you make decisions (based on your "authority"), and the way you exchange energy with others and when you’re likely to feel confident or insecure (drawn from the "nine centers" in your chart). Given that this is a 50 minute reading, we will not dive into other details of your chart (such as gates & channels), but you will still walk away with plenty of information and practical ways to apply this guidance.

The reading will begin with a grounding meditation followed by a quick read of your energy field to help Sam intuitively guide the call. After the reading, you will receive a 20+ page PDF with a written description of the aspects of your chart that we will cover in both readings, plus alignment tips and reminders, as well as video recordings of both readings.