Restorative yoga is a practice of slowing down and receiving. It’s learning how to be held and supported. It’s realizing you don’t have to do it all alone and something greater has your back. We do this by using yoga props and holding poses for extended periods of time because rest is the antidote to stress. Join Ayurvedic coach and rest guru, Margaret James in a package of three private virtual classes.

Restorative yoga helps you understand that in a world concerned with speed and productivity, your worth is not derived from how much you do.

The main goal of every pose is to be as comfy as possible. We achieve this through props like bolsters, blocks, blankets, pillows, couches, and more. And we hold these poses in silence for several minutes. We allow our attention to turn inward to reduce the constant distraction of the outside world. We draw into ourselves and check in with the part of our hearts that is always guiding us. It’s a time to ask yourself “How are you, really, my darling?” And then, actively listening to your Self.

This is not a practice of stretching. We are stretched so thin as it is. Restorative yoga is about supporting every part of the body to evoke a gentle opening, a release, and a deep settling through the most tense and tired parts of your body.

Each class is 75 minutes and taught over Zoom. No yoga experience required.

Are you ready for deep relaxation? To restore yourself? To reduce your stress? To balance hormones? To tap into the creative energy coursing through you? To get better sleep? To live a more fulfilled and meaningful life?

Location: Virtual