The Myers Cocktail IV contains b-complex, b12, b5, b6, calcium, magnesium, vitamin c, + zinc. Also known as the “kitchen sink” IV, the Myers Cocktail is named after Baltimore physician John Myers. It is a widely popular service in IV therapy spas across the United States, + is a client favorite among Hydrate IV Bar members as well! Along with many other benefits, the ingredients of the Myers Cocktail can help with nerve + muscle function, metabolism, + boosting the immune system. Learn more about the benefits here!

A B12 Injection is rather fast + simple service! It is one of the most popular services among Hydrate IV Bar clients. B12 can help to regulate metabolism, boost immunity, increase energy levels, + assist with mental clarity.

What is IV therapy + how does it work? Intravenous therapy bypasses the GI (gastrointestinal) tract, allowing for your body to absorb 100% of the vitamins, minerals, + antioxidants in your IV therapy cocktail. This method quickly + effectively hydrates your body, resulting in a more energized, healthier, + happier you!

Whether you're a little needle-shy, or just hesitant to try out IV therapy, Hydrate's experienced + friendly registered nurses will help to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Heating pads + other resources are available to help clients relax and enjoy their visit. Staff is happy to answer any + all questions you may have about your experience.

Available Locations:

Hydrate IV Bar Bonnie Brae
753 S. University Blvd.
Denver, CO 80209

Hydrate IV Bar Boulder
1655 Folsom St.
Boulder, CO 80302

Hydrate IV Bar Cherry Creek
2717 E. 3rd Ave.
Denver, CO 80206

Hydrate Highlands
3440 W. 32nd Ave.
Denver, CO 80211

Hydrate IV Bar Nurture
2949 Federal Blvd. Suite 217
Denver, CO 80211

*Currently not redeemable at the Fort Collins or Arizona locations.