Is there someone on your list that needs a soft place to land right now? A gentle embrace of care? This experience combines a Soulful healing session with Rachael (a WHOLE-istic coach of Happy Whole Way) and a gorgeous Olive & Olde's zafu cushion to support them from the ground up. This 60 minute healing session is focused on creating a nurturing home within oneself. Gently unearthing the wisdom and strength that has been inside all along.

These Soul Care sessions are individualized to your needs. Rachael will help you identify the narratives that have been driving your life up until this point, what is keeping you stuck, and will gently guide you along the path of self healing.

Whether you have gone through a major life change, are confronting deep grief, are deconstructing a belief system, or a host of other challenging things, these sessions offer you a safe space and light to guide you along your path.

Location: Virtual


Olive & Olde's zafu cushions (also known as floor cushions or meditation cushions) are made with premium 100% Baltic linen on the bottom/side band and luxurious waffle weave linen/cotton blend on top. Olive & Olde's logo is engraved into a cork tag that is top stitched on the top third of a reinforced carrying handle. The cover is removable for washing and access, if the need arises, to add or remove filling. Olive & Olde’s cushions are cut, sewn and filled in Denver, CO.

Each zafu is approximately six inches high and fourteen inches in diameter. They are filled with US grown and sourced buckwheat hulls, millet, and dried sage. Buckwheat hulls and millet support your spine and hip alignment during use. Millet adds cushioning while buckwheat hulls allow for airflow. Weight is approximately nine pounds.

Location: Shipped to a physical address anywhere in the United States