Congratulations. You just discovered the untapped source for experiential, avant-garde gifts in the Mile High. We couldn’t be more pleased to have you. Here you will find no products for sale. Only experiences intended to open the mind, inspire new perspectives and bring us into the present moment.

Presence scours the state of Colorado to bring unforgettable and uncommon experiences to your fingertips. Each and every offering found in our collection is doused with intention and topped off with a hint of magic.

Shop for your favorite humans, yourself, or create a registry for a special occasion. This is gifting reimagined—presents that build happiness, not clutter.

Are you ready?

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Browse by collection or occasion to find the ultimate gift. Whether it be for a family member, partner, associate, or yourself. All experiences are curated to enhance wellbeing and honor the present moment.


Nudge your friends and family to help you collect moments, not things. Select unlimited quantities and combinations of extraordinary experiences to create a custom gift registry for any occasion. Presence can be used as your primary registry or as a complimentary registry to another store. You know, in case you have to have that Kitchen Aid mixer in ‘Azure Blue.’ It’s your celebration, do you!


Get inspired and support your loved ones’ desire to celebrate their special occasion with more than just material objects. Search for a specific registry and purchase one or multiple experiences on their list so you can pitch in to fill their soul, not their home.


At Presence, we're all about breaking down gifting taboos. Is it really that strange to tell people exactly what you want? Nah. In doing so, you reduce the chance of product waste by encouraging friends and family to spend their money on something you will actually use. Still want to cultivate the element of surprise? Add multiple experiences to your wishlist and use your custom link to share your wishlist with your people. You won't know what you got and who got it until it's time to unwrap!


Wishlists can only be accessed when the creator shares their custom link with you. From there, you can add items directly to your cart to make their dreams come true. Rest easy knowing you you spent your money on something they are truly seeking. In doing so you support small businesses and our mission to reduce product waste through meaningful experiences. No waste, no worry. No worry, no cry.


Did you receive a Presence experience voucher for someone? Daaaaang. Lucky you. Follow the Terms + Booking directions on your experience's page to redeem. You'll need your voucher and order number to complete the process. We're so excited for you, we can barely stand it!


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Here’s what you can expect:

Purchased experiences are reflected in the form of a voucher. Each voucher includes an order number and booking directions to redeem the experience directly with the merchant.

If you are shopping, browse by collection, occasion or find a registry to add experiences to your cart.
If you are building a registry, create an account and browse by collection or occasion to assemble your personal selection of desired experiences to share with friends and family.
When you have found an experience you want, select the ‘Digital’ or ‘Gift Box’ option to add it to your cart or registry.
If you are shopping, choose an address at checkout for Presence to send the voucher. Vouchers may be sent to yourself or directly to a recipient. 
If you are building a registry, you can provide an address for friends and family to send vouchers. Friends and family can also choose to send the vouchers to themselves to then give to you in person.
Once a purchase is made on, our small and mighty team diligently gets to work to deliver your voucher. Digital vouchers will be sent immediately by email. Gift boxes will be shipped.
Final recipient receives their one-of-a-kind experiential gift.
Final recipient follows the directions on the voucher to book their experience directly with the merchant.
Final recipient indulges in their one-of-a-kind experience.
Presence pays merchants for their services.
Everyone is happy. Everyone is loved.
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Questions? Visit the FAQ section for further details.