All mural designs are intuitively created by Courtney based on connection, conversation and your journal prompts. Courtney does not accept requests for specific images. Instead, energy shall flow from you to Courtney, and back. Through journaling and meditation, you are invited to feel and share your home's values and vibrations with an artist, surrendering to an interpretation perhaps more honest and beautiful than your own.

This voucher is for a 40-50 square foot interior wall mural designed and painted by Courtney Neumann. Available for customers located in Colorado only within 30 miles of Denver. Additional costs may apply for:

  • Mural locations outside a 30 mile radius from Denver
  • Requests to increase the mural size
  • Requests to apply the mural to exterior walls or walls with unusual textures which require additional priming
  • Additional safety measures required to complete the mural such as painting a section of wall above 15 feet tall

Voucher will expire 6 months from the purchase date.

Further terms + conditions, policies or contracts may be required by Flow and Root at time of booking or service. Merchant may also have specific COVID protocols in place for the health and safety of both parties.  For questions, please contact info@askforpresence.com.

EFFECTIVE DATE: 11/15/2020

HOW To Redeem a voucher

Please send an email to Courtney at c@flowandroot.com with the subject reading: "Presence Voucher for Large Mural." In the body of the email, include your name and order number to begin the process.

Questions about redeeming your voucher? Email us at info@askforpresence.com

By redeeming your voucher, you accept our Terms + Conditions.